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A little bit about us…


It all started in 2003, from the humble and passionate roots of Phil Jaber. As he would tell you, Frank Sinatra was born to sing, and Phil Jaber was born to make coffee.

The rest goes like this: About 25 years ago Phil first began experimenting with different beans from around the world with the goal in mind of making really great tasting blends. Phil wanted each blend to be flavorful, complex, rich, smooth and low in acidity. After about 25 years of experimentation and testing, Phil has created more than 30 unique blends that achieve all of this. After perfecting his blends, Phil wanted to make sure each cup was made in a way that brought out all the flavors of the coffee. He wanted a brewing method that would involve his other passion, people and community. Phil believes coffee is personal and social, and he wanted to make sure the coffee making process embodied this and made each cup taste really great. After a long time of testing and research, Phil decided to craft his own coffee station, which would allow him to make each cup individually. This method is similar to a pour-over process but with a twist. From then on, each cup was made one cup at a time, allowing for specificity and diversity in taste for the individual person and brew. 

Phil had a corner grocery store, and this store is where he did lots of his experimentation. After perfecting his blends and coffee brewing method, he decided the corner grocery store on 24th and Folsom Street in San Francisco would be the perfect place to start serving the coffee. And the rest is history! Today, we have multiple locations and are known as one of the best coffee shops in the U.S.!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to better people's day. We take this seriously and believe we have a very important job. Customers take time out of their day to visit us; this is very valuable to us and we are humbled by it. This gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact on our customer’s day. We do this by serving an amazing cup of coffee and delivering really great customer service. When this happens, our hope is that customers leave the Philz experience happier. We believe happy people are contagious, and the more happy people in the world the happier the world is. While we may not be able to make the world happy at once, we are determined to do it one community, one cup at a time.

Our Culture

We want customers leaving the Philz experience with a feeling of “wow, I love Philz.” We exist to better people’s day, and we do this by giving them a really great customer experience. It takes focus, discipline and dedication to do this over a sustained period of time.

We hire really great people

If you're just looking for a job, this is not the place for you. We want people to work here because they truly want to be part of Philz and are excited about bettering people's day. We are very selective about who we hire. We would rather be short staffed than hire someone who's not the right fit. Hiring people who are the right cultural fit is extremely important. We believe cultural fit is as, if not more, important than skill. We want people who give a damn. We believe people are the most important part of our business; we even consider ourselves in the people business, not the coffee business. We believe the team members who have the biggest impact on our company are the people behind the counter because they directly interact with customers. They are the brand, they make the experience, they are the face of Philz. We believe in hiring people who possess the values, qualities and characteristics that are aligned with our business values. We don't believe in hiring people and training their personalities to be a certain way. We encourage individuality and believe people should feel comfortable to be themselves and not fake it. Being genuine is really important to us.

Bettering our team members day

We believe in empowering our team members to work their full potential. We believe great people need room to do great things and don't believe in micromanaging. We don’t believe in unnecessary policies, as they can potentially limit team members' potential to do great things. We want our team members to enjoy their work and feel comfortable. We believe happy team members make happy customers and we are committed to building a great culture that supports team member happiness and excellence.

Our Coffee

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