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Red Sea Blend

This blend of three coffees from countries surrounding the Red Sea delivers one of the most intense coffee experiences. Toasty notes resonate with layers of dark fruits that linger into the finish.

1lb Price: $18.00



One of the lesser-known coffee producing countries, Timor produces a cup that possesses delectable traits reminiscent of its well-known neighbor, Sumatra. It has hints of rustic flavors that are characteristic of Indonesian coffee, combined with round cocoa richness.

1lb Price: $18.00


Peru Light

Our Peru Light is a crisp, refreshing coffee that is great for and afternoon boost. The light roast enhances the flavors of orange and sweet lemon while giving it a light and silky body.

1lb Price: $18.00



As the name implies, our Hazelnut provides its namesake flavor along with a rich and creamy body. Its aroma is sure warm your soul and put a smile on your face. Note: This coffee may contain traces of hazelnut

1lb Price: $18.00


Ethiopian Harrar

Ethiopia produces some of the most unique coffee in the world. The Harrar region is known for its wine-like, fruity flavors. Freshly brewed Harrar will provide strong berry aromatics that are sought after by coffee enthusiasts.

1lb Price: $18.00


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is one of the most prized coffee regions in the world. Our Yirgacheffe delivers a classic flavor profile that includes citrus notes and a delicate, floral aroma. In order to round out some of the high-end acidity and provide fullness to the body, it is roasted to a medium-dark level.

1lb Price: $18.00


Fair Trade Peru

Certified as Fair Trade in order to promote transparency, fair wages, and community programs at origin. Unlike our Peru Light offering, our Fair Trade Peru is darker roasted and offers chocolate-based tones and a toasty finish.

1lb Price: $20.00


Jamaican Blue Mountain

The world’s most desired coffee is grown on the eastern end of the beautiful island of Jamaica in the majestic range of hills known as the Blue Mountains. Cool misty conditions mixed with the rich earth and generous rainfall provides the perfect environment for growing coffee that is full-bodied and as smooth as silk.

1lb Price: $120.00