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Red Sea Blend

This blend of three coffees from countries surrounding the Red Sea 
delivers one of the most intense coffee experiences. It starts with a 
fruity aroma and taste and is complemented by winey highlights. Origin: Yemen

1lb Price: $18.00



Our Timor is full-bodied, with seductive cocoa tones.  it has a hint of Indonesia's rustic "Forest" flavors.  Origin: Indonesia

1lb Price: $18.00


Peru Light

A sweet and rich light roast with pure refreshing smoothness, and fruity flavors. Origin: Peru

1lb Price: $18.00



Our sweetest blend, the Hazelnut is bursting with hazelnut tones, a rich and creamy texture  and a bright finish! Note: This coffee may contain traces of hazelnut.

1lb Price: $18.00


Ethiopian Harrar

Ethiopia produces some of the most unique coffee there is. The Harrar 
region is known for its beans with winey, full, rich flavor and the 
resulting brew has a heavy body. Origin: Africa

1lb Price: $18.00


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is prized by connoisseurs for its delicate 
fragrance of orange blossoms, with an elegantly sweet and clean finish. Origin: Africa

1lb Price: $18.00


Fair Trade Peru

The Fair Trade Peru is a full-bodied coffee with a fine acidity, sweet aroma and a hint of chocolaty tones. Origin: Peru

1lb Price: $20.00


Jamaican Blue Mountain

The world’s most desired coffee is grown on the 
eastern end of the beautiful island of Jamaica in the majestic range of 
hills known as the Blue Mountains. Cool misty conditions mixed with the 
rich earth and generous rainfall provides the perfect environment for 
growing coffee that is full-bodied and as smooth as silk.

1lb Price: $120.00