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BOP Black Tea.jpg

Black Tea (Loose)

Our Black Tea is called a BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) China Black Tea. It is strong and full-bodied yet mellow and low in acidity.

1lb Price: $24.99

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Green Tea (Loose)

Our green tea is a Panfired Green Fermosa which has an excellent aroma and mild vegetal notes. The bold leaves yield a full-bodied, slightly pungent liquor with delicate floral and nutty notes, fruity accents, and a slightly sweet finish.

1lb Price: $32.99


Cardamom (Fresh Milled)

Cardamom is one of the worlds very ancient spices. It's flavor has a warm and eucalyptine with camphorous and lemony undertones. We recommend cardamom with our Tantalizing Turkish blend and our Philharmonic blend.  Cardamom also goes very well when added to our teas.  A little bit of cardamom goes a long way!

1/4lb Price: $10.00

anise seed.jpg


Anise is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. It is known for its flavor, which resembles liquorice, fennel and tarragon. We recommend a pinch of anise added to our teas!

1/4lb Price: $5.25

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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a wild plant that has a distinct aroma and taste that has not been matched by plantation cultivation.  Once of its major characteristics is its smokey flavor.

1lb Price: $39.99



When steeped, these fragrant blossoms smell of freshly cut apples and produce a rich, golden cup with superior flavor. This caffeine free herbal infusion is delicious served with honey.

1lb Price: $39.99