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Decaf Dark French

This Decaf Dark French really packs a punch. It features smoky chocolate flavors with a full-bodied finish and a pleasant, toasty aroma. It is hard to believe it is a decaf.

1lb Price: $18.00


Decaf Ethiopian

Reminiscent of a classic orange ice cream popsicle, our Decaf Ethiopia combines crisp, sweet citrus notes with a silky smooth aftertaste. As dreamy as decafs get.

1lb Price: $18.00


Decaf Sumatra

Decaf Sumatra is a true favorite with its full-bodied earthiness. Try it on its own to discover the complexities that Indonesian coffee can possess, or try blending it with Decaf Ethiopia for a delightful

1lb Price: $18.00


Decaf Swiss Water Peru

The Swiss Water method of decaffeination eliminates the coffee's caffeine using water rather than chemicals. This lovely Peru has subtle earthy notes that compliment its graham cracker type of sweetness.

1lb Price: $18.00