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24th and Folsom yelp*

Philz Coffee

201 Berry Street yelp*

Philz Coffee

4023 18th Street yelp*

Philz Coffee - One Cup at a Time. Castro Location

748 Van Ness yelp*

Philz Coffee - One Cup at a Time. Civic Center (City Hall) Location

3191 Middlefield Rd - Palo Alto yelp*

Philz Coffee - One Cup at a Time. Palo Alto

118 Paseo de San Antonio - San Jose yelp*

Philz Coffee - One Cup at a Time. San Jose SJSU

Here's What People Are Saying About Philz Coffee:

Philz coffee destroys all other forms of coffee. Every other coffee shop or drink has now become obsolete.”

- Rami K.

Waking up on weekend mornings to a nice cup of Philz "Tesora" is like waking up on a "Canopy of Heaven" where alarm clocks are replaced by a "Greater Alarm" which directs an entire "Philharmonic" to awaken your soul. Their coffee is freshly brewed with "Dancing Water" and taking a sip is absolute "Silken Splendor" running down to the core of your newly "Philtered Soul". The morning brew is "Sooooo Good" that a solitary cup of the "Ambrosia Coffee of God" works like an "Anesthesia To The Upside" causing you to become so alert you could quite possibly run for mayor of "New Manhattan". Philz..."It'z The Best"!!!”

- Anonymous

From my heart and for you reading enjoyment, an ode to Philz:

How I miss Philz, My heart ever longing.
I wish I could hold, and sip you my darling.

We will be together again, this I promise to do.
I wish that everyday I could enjoy your fresh brew.

Vexed, I miss you, My stomach's a pit.
Next to Philz... everything is shit! ”

- Matthew K.

BEST COFFEE EVER!!!!! (and I do mean ever)

I worked across the street from the store in SOMA for about two years and had a 2 cup a day habit that was kind of like crack.
After I finished the project I was working on, I moved to Seattle (which is supposedly the "home of the coffee shop") and frankly this town is shit-out-of-luck to not have Philz.

Nothing quite holds a candle to their coffee and Ive tried EVERYTHING!!!

Out of all the stores, the vibe at this location is the best... a must visit for any visitor or local!

Must haves: 1) Turkish 2) Mocha 3) Everything Else

I miss Philz more than you know!”

- Missing Philz in Seattle

Philz Coffee tastes like the highest quality dark chocolate that has been melted down into a soul-warming cup. The sensation lasts for hours! ”

- Eve B.

Working Schmerking, its always another day in paradise at Philz Coffee.”

- Jacob J.

Philharmonic is truly a symphony in the mouth. Also, every other coffee shop produces what I like to call "frou-frou lattees" compared to the true cup of coffee I enjoy from Philz every weekday :) .”

- Sarah Z.

Philz your mind, body and soul...”

- Gina A.

always been an avid coffee drinker. I've also always been picky about my cup of joe. Philz has outstanding customer service, which just adds personality to every cup I've ever gotten there. It I hands down the best coffee I've ever found! .”

- Courtney H.

Philz like the best thing you ever put in your mouth.”

- Bob B.

Has that morning frown got you down? You got a little bit of that morning haze in your gaze. Go to Phil'z Coffee they will put some pep right back in your step.”

- –Steve A

Philz Coffee. Because we should all believe in something. And I believe I'll have another cup.”

- Derek H.

You''ll get spoiled by Philz Coffee and no other will satisfy you again. Ever.”

- Caitlin M.